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short fiction | GER 2016 | dffb | 14´ 

Finding himself in a desolate dimension outside of time, a lone man experiences a dialogue with nature and is offered what might be a second chance to understand the significance of his genesis.


Uli Pleßmann, Jacqueline Macaulay 

written, edited & directed by Rico Mahel

producer: Rico Mahel, Fred Burle


Durban International Film Festival, South Africa

Sapporo Short Fest, Japan

Rome Independent Film Festival, Italy

Tlanchana Festival de Cine y Arte Digital, México

Salón Internacional de la Luz, Colombia

A-TAR Filmfestival, México

Randfilmfest Kassel, Germany

Bamberg Short Film Festival, Germany

International Video Festival Videomedeja, Serbia

Nahal International Student Short Film Festival, Iran

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